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The 118 Canton Fair

Date:2015-12-24 15:44

The 118 session of the Canton Fair opened in Guangzhou on October 15-19, 2015. In the full absorption of the first two session of Canton Fair exhibition experience based, the suprema in this session of the Canton Fair on display company in the fourth generation of bathroom product features and highlights. During the exhibition, there are constantly domestic and foreign buyers to come to booth, especially Sulima's unique constant temperature / constant temperature constant pressure taps, has been widely favored by domestic and foreign buyers.




Buyers, there is no lack of suprema thermostatic balance pressure technology had heard of well-known companies, according to them, this line of the Canton Fair is in screening for regional sales constant green bathroom products, and suprema as constant temperature and pressure the sanitary industry leader, well deserved become they expand the inevitable choice of the constant temperature bath market, cooperation intention of purchasing company representatives also said that the exhibition after the end will further discuss cooperation matters. This session of the Canton Fair won the new customers and orders, to further expand the enterprise image, promote the constant temperature and pressure of the national brand promotion.



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