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Suprema Thermostatic Sanitaryware Limited is an Australian-China joint venture business based in Zhuhai China. The founders have more than 20 yeas experience in research & development and production of tapware within the factory that covers 130,000 square meters, Suprema was awarded “High- tech Enterprise of Guangdong” and currently it’s the only enterprise with the technology specializing in the research and manufacture of thermostatic and pressure balance sanitaryware in the word. Our company manufactures our owns thermostatic sensors that are used in automatic thermostatic valves and pressure balance control valves. We are also support by a strong team of engineers and a world class R&D Center which are first of its kind in the world.

Being a world leader in the field of thermostatic and pressure balancing, our products span over dozens of series, with over 200 styles which over 100 of the designs are backed by National and International patents. Suprema is solely responsible for drafting and writing the Chinese National Standard on Thermostatic (Professional Standards of Thermostatic Control Valve). Our GM and founder of the company (also Chief Engineer) Mr. Xie is the first person being awarded “Lifetime Achievement Awards” in the recent 60 years as well as “National Excellent Industry Expert in Sanitaryware Industry” for contribution be made to the sanitaryware industry, our company has more than 100 professional engineers and specific technology R&D group which has dozen of projects developed by senior group leaders. In addition, Suprema has vertically intergrated production line which includes tooling, brass rod extrusion, surface polishing, machining, plastic injection, gravity casting, forging, zinc die casting, chrome plating which all users state of the art manufacturing equipment.



With our strong technology R&D team and backed by our in-house Metallographical Microscope Lab and Advanced Design Technology Lab, which allow all our products meets many global standards including ASME QB2806-2006、EN1111-2008、ASSE1016-2011、AS4032.1-2009、ANSI Z 21.22B-2001/CSA 4.4B-2001、AS4032.2-2005、ASSE1017-2009、EN1287-1999、D08-2002 and other technical standards of advanced nations in USA, UK, France and Australia and many others. To meet precisely defined quality requirements, our team of designers are dedicated to the concept of combining technology and functionality with style and simplicity, providing you full opportunities to actively create your own unique designs.

Today the world is facing the common problem of energy and water shortage. This leads to strong push on developing new energy source alternatives and ways to conserve energy and water. Suprema is catering its high quality products to the global market, which not only for products to be used in star rated hotels, luxury dwellings, and other public places, but also to personalized services to meet professional users by our products and we will delighted to work with you to achieve your aims. With our strong R&D team and large scale production of thermostatic and pressure balancing faucets can help to minimize water wastage, reduce the use of energy and provide safety and comfort in everyday shower. Our advanced technology, abundant experiences, consummate skilst, excellent quality, wide product range and good after-sales service are all the necessary element of Suprema Thermostatic Sanitaryware Company Limited to maintain our market leader position. Thereby winning the public’s trust and consistently exporting to professional customers all over the world.